12 Most Asked Questions About Junk Removal

12 Most Asked Questions About Junk Removal

1. What kind of junk do you take away? 

We take away all kinds of residential and commercial junk, from furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste and construction debris to tires and scrap metal. 

2. How much does it cost? 

Prices vary depending on the items that are being removed as well as the size and weight.

Are you considering hiring a junk removal service to get rid of your unwanted items? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about junk removal, and their answers. 

3. Is Junk Removal Expensive?

The cost of hiring a junk removal service depends on how much stuff needs to be taken away and what kind of materials are involved. However, in most cases, it is more cost-effective than trying to dispose of large amounts of junk yourself.

4. What Types of Items Can Be Removed?

Here at Junk Queen TX, we can take away almost anything, from old furniture and appliances to electronics and construction debris. In some cases, hazardous materials like paint or expired chemicals may not be accepted due to safety regulations – make sure you check with us first before having any hazardous items disposed.

5. How Long Does Junk Removal Take?

The amount of time it takes for a junk removal crew to come and remove all the unwanted items from your home will depend on how much material there is to be removed and the distance that has to be covered. Typically, it takes between one to two hours for most jobs. We are able to schedule same day junk removal services.

6. How Do I Prepare for A Junk Removal Service to Come?

Before having a professional crew come over, make sure that all the unwanted items are ready for pickup in an easily accessible area outside your house or apartment building. The less time spent navigating through hallways or up staircases means a faster job with lower costs! Also make sure that any potentially hazardous materials or liquids (like paint or motor oil) have been safely bagged and boxed for us to see and properly remove and dispose.

7. Can I Request Specific Pickup Times?

 Most professional junk removal services offer flexible pickup times so that customers can pick which ones work best for them – just make sure that this option is available when booking your appointment online or by phone beforehand! At Junk Queen Tx we offer morning or afternoon appointments.

8. Are Estimates Available Before Booking My Appointment?

Most reputable companies will be able to provide an estimate based on what kind of materials need to be taken away beforehand so that customers know exactly what they’re getting into before signing up! If you are able to to submit pictures via email or by text messages, we will be able to give you a quote based on volume and weight.

9. Are Recycling Options Available?

Many junk removal companies today have pledged to recycle as much waste as possible in order to help protect the environment – inquire with your chosen provider if they offer any recycling solutions so you can do good while doing business! Here, at Junk Queen TX, we are able to donate furniture, toys and clothing to reputable non-profit organizations.

10. What Kinds of Payment Methods Are Accepted?

It’s important to know what type of payment methods are accepted by your chosen company before signing up – most accept credit cards, but other forms may include personal checks and even cash depending on where you live!

11. Does The Company Offer Any Additional Services Besides Removals?

Some providers may also offer additional services such as hauling away donated goods or helping clear out attics and basements filled with clutter – inquire upfront if these options are offered prior to signing up for an appointment! We offer dumpster rental as well as junk removal services.

12. Do I Need to Sign Anything Before the Service Begins?

 Depending on the type of contract required by your chosen provider, customers may need to sign certain paperwork before having their items removed – usually this is done during booking but always double check ahead of time just in case! Junk Queen TX has no contract prior to doing a junk removal service and we only accept payment on site, once job is completed, we don’t take payments up-front!

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