Recent Junk Removal & Dumpster Rentals

Recent Junk Removal & Dumpster Rentals | Tired of staring at a pile of junk, or need a dumpster rental for a renovation project? You’re probably wondering if you’ll pay too much, or if it’s worth requesting a quote from certain junk removal and dumpster rental companies, or if your information will be sold 10x over to other companies. Worse, maybe your home or property will get damaged or held hostage by an unsavory fly-by-night “junk removal company”. We understand this completely, and the people below are just a small sample of those who have entrusted Junk Queen TX with their peace of mind, and hard-earned money. Just like you, they were researching for reputable junk removal or dumpster rentals, called or requested a free quote for their important junk removal (of all sizes, and complexities – every project is unique and each customer deserves attention). Safety, speed, respect for our customers and value are important to us as well. With over 94 five star Reviews, Junk Queen TX takes great pride in our customer’s experience, and a stress-free, safe and quick junk removal service. Below are some of our recent junk removal and dumpster jobs, based on different categories and types of projects. 

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Junk Removal: Full Clean Out in Frisco

Jennifer called Junk Queen TX because she needed a full-clean out for her home. After years and a few family issues, she needed a fresh start.
Junk Queen TX did a full clean-out for this multi-family home in Frisco.
5 Bedrooms and a Garage were meticulously cleared out of all junk including mattresses, televisions, old / broken furniture.

5 day Dumpster Rental (15 Yard): Anna, TX

Gregory and Erica are a new married couple who just did a major renovation to their home in Anna, Texas. They called to let Junk Queen TX know about their needs, project scope and time estimate. Junk Queen TX recommended a 15 yard dumpster rental, and the project completed within 5 days. Junk Queen TX then picked up the dumpster and rolled-off, while the newly weds got to get rid of all their remodeling debris legally, safely and quickly.

Furniture Removal (Bureau, Desk and Couch) in Celina, TX

15 yard dumpster rental

Fernando is a retired Army veteran who is originally from Puerto Rico, until downsizing to a home in Celina, Texas. He called us to get rid of an old Couch taking up space and some filing cabinets, an extremely heavy wooden desk, and a partially broken office chair. We were out and in on his property and home very quickly, and respectfully. Fernando can finally relax knowing he didn’t have to stare at his unused couch everyday, while saving his back in the process.

Construction Clean-Up in McKinney

Stephanie is expanding her successful real estate agency in McKinney and hired Junk Queen TX to clean-up all the construction, both with dumpsters provided as well as affordable hourly labor. We went through each room to ensure big items were picked up and put into the dumpster and we also followed up with a personalized broom cleaning approach to get rid of the rest of the debris. The new office can now hold 25 cubicles.

Paint Disposal (Legal) Recycling in Allen, TX

Kevin hired Junk Queen TX originally for Land Clearing his property. His barn was holding dozens of paint cans, some used, and some not that he wanted to get rid of but wasn’t sure the best way. It’s very important for the environment and local city ordinances to legally dispose of paint. We were able to haul away gallons of paint, and recycle them removing legal risk from our valued client and helping keep the local environment green and sustainable.