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      Appliance Removal & Disposal

Old appliances that have outlived their use can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. Dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are heavy and awkward to handle, most often requiring a helping hand or two. Even if you manage to get the appliance out the door, then you have to figure out how it gets picked up.

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Electronic waste (also called e-waste) is also tricky to dispose.
Earth-Conscious Appliance Removal and Recycling
Computers, televisions, mobile phones and the like, contain components with nasty contaminants and carcinogens that can’t simply be hauled away with the household trash. To protect the environment and your fellow man, you want to make sure all of your used appliances, big or small, are properly disposed of in a non-hazardous method of appliance recycling.

Metal Recycling in Texoma, Sherman, and Denison – 69 Metal Recyclers (

Our Solid Waste System – North Texas Municipal Water District (

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Junk Queen TX offers a convenient, eco-friendly solution to all your appliance removal needs. We often donate used appliances. We recycle or dispose of those not suitable for donation, in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

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Residents trust Junk Queen TX to pick up and dispose of their electronics and household appliances in a manner that is earth-friendly.

At Junk Queen TX, Sustainability is Our Mission!

As a responsible junk removal service in Collin County, TX, we’re committed to reducing waste and minimizing our environmental impact. That’s why we prioritize recycling in everything we do.

1.Comprehensive Recycling: Metal Recycling in Texoma, Sherman, and Denison – 69 Metal Recyclers ( We don’t just remove junk – we recycle it. From old furniture and appliances to electronics and construction materials, we sort and process each item to ensure maximum recycling potential.

When it comes to specialized electronic appliances like computers, tablets and cell phones, many people don’t realize that importance of recycling these items. Our recyclers for these items mine out the small amounts of precious metals contained in this equipment so it can be reused in the production of new items.

This eliminates metal contamination and decreases the amount of these metals that need to be harvested from the earth. For earth-conscious appliance removal, residents can count on Junk Queen TX as their hauling service

There’s no need for you to hurt your back. Just point to the appliances you want removed and we’ll take it from there!

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