Paint Recycling and Legal Paint Disposal Service in Collin County, Texas

Paint Disposal in Collin County

Need to get rid of unused paint, safely, easily, and legally? Don’t dump it down the drain or the side of the road. Not only is it illegal with heavy fines, it’s unethical. Recycle it, call Junk Queen TX now. Whether you own a commercial business, with unused extra paint, or a large home, residential renovation project, which didn’t require all your paint, legal, safe, paint recycling is important to us, as we live and work in Collin County. Junk Queen TX is not a bloated franchise, and we recycle paint and provide used paint throughout our Collin County community and nearby surrounding areas in Texas.


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Local Paint Disposal and Paint Recycling in Collin County, TX

It’s important to protect our local community. Junk Queen TX has roots as deep as cattle ranching in Texas. We live and work locally, and treat our neighbors and friends with the utmost respect. For this reason we are able to provide not only respectful, timely service, but also great priced, as we are not a multi-national corporate franchise like many other paint disposal companies in the area. We will recycle your unused, unwanted, discarded paint, for a greener, eco-friendly environment, both locally and of course a global impact, as everything starts local.

Get Rid of Paint Legally in Collin County, Texas

Please do not attempt to dump paint down your drain (you’ll ruin your drain), or dump it in a field, as this is highly toxic, illegal, and carries penalties of hefty fines and even jail-time. Instead, choose a more ethical, legal, green, environmentally safe option with Junk Queen TX. We are experts in junk removal and recycling, as we reuse everything we can to not only maximize our own profits, as a local business, but also to preserver and enhance our local community and environment. We are your neighbors, please call us and we’ll be happy to learn more about how we can work together.

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